Chocolate YoYo’s with Nutella

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I was going through my old family recipe cards the other day and came across my Aunty Nilma’s YoYo recipe. It brought me back to the days when we were so much younger. We were always excited to go over to our Aunt’s place because we knew she would bake lots of cookies and slices for us kids, and this was one of my favourites.

In my Aunt’s variation notes, she mentions to add cocoa powder; so I thought to myself, why not add YIAH Chocolate Powder.. so I gave it a try last night. Might I be a tad modest and say .. golly gosh these are the bomb!!

So, when you have a spare few moments, make sure you bake up a batch; I promise, you’ll love them.

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Braised Louisiana Creole Chicken Wings


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Braised Louisiana Creole Chicken Wings .. This one goes out to all my fire eaters out there. It’s getting hot in here!

Of course you can tone down the heat by adjusting the amount of spice mix, if you have family or friends that are sensitive to spicy foods.

When I am catering for a party at home, or asked to bring a dish to friends place, chicken wings are my number one choice. They are so moorish, the platter gets cleaned up so fast & everyone ends up with sticky fingers.

This recipe braises them slowly in a moderate oven for an almost an hour, before cranking the heat to put a bit of colour on them. I believe chicken wings have to be cooked slow and for at least an hour. Some recipes say to cook for 15-20 minutes, but this does not allow enough time for the meat to practically fall of the bone and melt in the mouth.

The only thing you need to consider when cooking for a longer period of time, is not to allow the wings to dry out, so I found by braising them, they retain loads of moisture and flavour.

Enjoy and turn up the heat!!

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Beef Chipolata Risoni With Rocket & Parmesan Salad


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Beef Chipolata Risoni With Rocket & Parmesan Salad ..

On the evening of my Business Launch party, I had to plan a quick and easy meal for my family, one that was still wholesome, filling and delicious. I fell in love with Beef Chipolata’s while I was doing cooking demonstrations for BeefEater BBQ’s last year, and knew I could jazz them up and turn them into a wonderful weeknight meal.

A Chipolata is a french style of sausage, just a lot smaller than the normal Italian sausages, which I thought would be perfect for this pasta dish. Call it French meets Italian pasta if you will.

This is a very simple, quick and budget conscious family dish, I am sure that you will love.

To purchase the YI’AH ingredients required for this dish, head over to my website to buy online.

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Lamb Biryani with Naan Bread

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Lamb Biryani with Naan Bread

This dish is rather special to me, when I was studying commercial cookery, I was working at a function centre in Adelaide. We had a young Indian Chef that was visiting Australia on a working visa.

The function centre catered for British & Indian expat’s and held an annual banquet in their honour. This young chef taught me this very popular Indian banquet dish, Lamb Biryani.

I watched him use 14 spices and could never replicate the taste until I discovered YIAH had created a Biryani Spice Mix. I was very excited to try it and happy to say it’s pretty spot on with what I remember.

It is a rather unusual, if not strange recipe. The lamb is marinated in yogurt and spices for several hours. Then the lamb and rice is cooked slowly in milk together. We have to be carefully not to stir during the cooking process as this will make the rice sticky. But with a decent slow cooker or pot, it can be achieved.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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Matt’s Top 10 Time Management Tips


Time management is an essential skill to learn for every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s in our personal lives or professional, the way we manage our time reflects in our successes and ultimately our failures.

I have studied many successful mentors and business leaders in learning key time management strategies, and I want to share this knowledge with you.
As I embark in my new YIAH business in 2016, I am writing this blog to consolidate my knowledge and skills not only to share but for my own personal growth.
One lesson I learnt early on in my business career, was that without a clear plan for the week, we get side tracked and failure to accomplish what we need to or what we set out to do.
Here is my top 10 tips on how to better manage our time and how to get more out of the week for less time spent.

  1. Spend half hour at the beginning of the week to set out what you need to accomplish. This can be a simple list, but allows us to monitor & measure how successful our week was. I write two lists, one for my personal life and one for my business. Have these lists on hand and review each day of the week to ensure you are completing the weekly goals you set out. Just remember, this is not a ‘to do’ list, rather a guide to grow, develop & empower you and your business. Here is a few examples of goals/tasks for the week, I normally aim for 10 for each week:
    1. Business –
      1. Contact 5 non-profit organisations regarding YIAH Fundraising Program
      2. Complete 10 Customer Care calls
      3. Learn one new business skill (I would be specific – choose an area that you recognise to be a weakness or not confident on, for example – How to market my business outside my shows)
      4. Complete a goal plan for 2016 YIAH Convention
    2. Personal –
      1. Have a date night with my partner
      2. Plan annual family vacation
      3. Research sport clubs for kids after school activities
      4. Exercise four times for half hour this week

  2. With the two list’s completed, spend another half hour to drill down on each goal/task to establish how you are going to achieve them. Include the time required, financial costs, what completing this goal will accomplish & mean to you, due date and any steps to complete. For example:
    1. Complete 10 Customer Care Calls – Allocate 15 minutes per day to review customer list from past fortnight and two month ago. This will allow me to touch base and follow up or resolve any concerns with new customers and touch base with existing customers to see if they need to re-order or book a tasting. By completing customer care calls, I will be providing excellence customer service and gain new sales and new leads for future business.

  3. Allocate time during the week for other commitments outside your own business. This could be paid employment, family commitments and household management tasks. I recommend using an e-calendar that allows colour coding particular tasks/ events. Now we know what time we have left for our business we can set a few hours throughout the week to work on and in our business.e-calendar.jpg

  4. Instead of just blocking a couple of hours to your business, review your ‘goals for the week’ and allocate specific timeframes throughout these periods you are available. When I was studying at University, I found one hour blocks worked well for me. I would allocate one hour for each subject and then assign a task/ objective what I wanted to accomplish during that hour. For example – In my YIAH Business, I need to be working on several tasks – Marketing, Hostess Coaching, Education, Online tasks (Blog & Social Media) & canvassing for new business. When I was studying, I would set a timer for 60 minutes and focus solely on one task until the timer went off. Then I would finish that task and have a small break away from the computer.

  5. Allocate at least half an hour at the beginning of your day to review your day ahead, build a mental picture of what you want to or need to accomplish. Evaluate whether your on track, if not, how to get back on track and to adjust your schedule if unexpected interruptions or tasks appear, and they will.

  6. During your scheduled business hour, turn off the TV, close your email program and switch off Facebook to prevent little distractions creepy in stealing your time to work on your business.

  7. Consider your biological prime time. Are you a morning person or afternoon whiz, perhaps a night owl. Knowing when your best time is and planning to use that time for your top priorities.

  8. Do your least favourite task or job first, get it out of the way and the rest of your day will be more productive because you won’t have it at the back of your mind annoying you.

  9. Create organisation systems, being organised will save you a lot of time. Create a filling system for documents, organise your electronic files into specific folders, streamline processes and refine daily routines.

  10. Reward yourself. Even for small successes, celebrate achievement of your goals. Promise yourself a reward for completing each task, or finishing the total job.

I hope these tips will help in your business and personal life. Giving us a sense of accomplishment and giving us a positive reflection that we are achieving our goals and vision for the future.
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